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Monday, March 28, 2011

Billing Explorer Deskpro 6 2007 F.09 Security #6

1. Compatible with Windows '95 / '98 / Me/2000/NT/XP 

BillingExplorer run stable on Operating System Win'95 / 98/Me/2000/NT/XP. BillingExplorer also Support Protocol TCP / IP and Net-BEUI, Support DHCP and Fix-IP Address.

2. Not burden the PC 
Server & Client Capable of receiving hundreds of connections from the client computer without having to burden the working of the computer server. The stability and high security systems and has been tested on a PC's LAN Games so as not to cause a computer or a PC to hang (loss).

3. Variations Client Login
 Client login facilities that vary, such as Personal, Member, Pre-Paid, Student, Games, Login Group and so forth.

4. Report Database 
Database Report Facility per day / month / year is a summary report showing revenue per operator each database Report can be printed to a Printer or in the Save to File Text. Report files can also be sent via email

5. Customize Settings Discount Prices & Happy Hour
For example Warnet set computation cost rates as follows: 08:00 to 21:00 normal time USD 4000/jam 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. 25% discount = (4000 x 75% = USD 3000)23:00 to 04:00 50% discount = (4000 x 50% = USD 2000) 4:00 to 8:00 75% discount = (4000 x 25% = USD 1000) With the calculation of normal time as follows: Per 15 Minutes = Rp. 1000, - Minimum Usage = 15 Minutes = Rp. 1000, - \

6. Auto backup and Auto Connection When the PC Server or Client PC experiencing hangs (freezes), the data will automatically be backed up. If the PC is active again, will automatically make the connection and calculating process will be continued again

7. Disable Ctrl + Alt + Del - TASK MANAGER. 
BillingExplorer serves to lock the client computer by turning off the function of CTRL-ALT-DEL, CTRL-ESC, ALT-F4 ALT-Tab, ALT-SPACEBAR-C, TASK-LIST, the taskbar (Win95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP .)

8. Replace / Change Operator 
This function is used to replace the current operator for the moment in a way to scroll or select in the list of operators.

9. Universal character BillingExplorer is suitable for cafe, multiplayer games, computer rental (typing), libraries, courses and other businesses.

10. User Friendly 
The installation process is very quick and easy (settingless) so easily understood by everyone and the operator can do it even if not familiar at all about computers.

11. Warning Time from Server Warning 
message delivery settings automatically or at a certain length that is sent from a server computer to a computer terminal either individually or overall.

12. Warning Time from Client
 Delivery of warning messages automatically or at a certain length that is sent from the client computer to computer servers (the operator) or a warning that is used to remind the user itself.

13. Calculator 
This function as a calculator for financial calculations such as addition, subtraction, division or multiplication and to reduce the remaining amount of money has been paid to the cost of internet usage.

14. Lock All Client 
This function will pull through Lock (lock the PC Client) so that the client PC can not be used to login.

15. Un-Lock Client
 This function will open the (Un-Lock) PC client that has been locked. To Un-Lock Client, can be selected for each particular client PC or All Client PCs.

16. Type Client Login 
This function will remotely control the PC Client Login, so the server can choose Login anything you want displayed on the PC Client.

17. Disconnect Client
 If users forget to disconnect to Billing, then the remote server to disconnect the PC Client. The server may be able to disconnect for each PC Client or for All PC Client.

18. Move Client 
Move from one computer to another computer without having to finish first so that the total price will directly move to the second computer.

19. Client Shutdown
 Computer server can perform remote shutdown, restart, log off the client PC This process can be selected for one particular client PC or any PC Client.

20. Time Counter 
Computers can perform remote server process counter time. This function as a time counter that is automatically going to disconnect the PC for every time that gives a chance before.

21. Server-Client Messages 
Sending a Message from the computer server / service to the client computer, as well as between the PC client to the client PC or from PC client to the PC server.

22. Transaction Sales (On-Line)
 Entering non-access transaction data, such as purchasing food, beverages, diskett, services, scanner, printer services, etc.. Where is the food buyer is using a computer (on line) so that the printing is done in one bill with billing rentals.

23. Transaction Sales (Off-Line) 
The process of selling non-transaction data entry access, such as food, beverages, Scan, Print, etc. Purchase Diskett done in a separate memorandum.

24. Stock Data Products
Supply of goods (food, beverages, snacks, cigarettes, paper, etc.) can be entered on the stock menu which will be reduced by itself (automatic).

25. Autorun at Startup 
Windows Client After BillingExplorer installed perfectly it will automatically run stable on Windows startup without having to put on startup manually.

26. Compatible All Proxies 
BillingExplorer very compatible with all types of proxy as well as the ISS like WinProxy, Winroute, Wingate and others, so it will not crash, the billing is not the way your windows or damaged.

27. Pre-Paid Members
 Pay system in the front that can dicustome based on the rates and hours of usage and automatically disable accounts that have expired member who previously existing advance warning to the member and the rest of the money is still stored in the database.

28. Members Profile 
This facility allows the owner of the cafe to get more detailed information from each member, such as data members Name, Address, City, Email, Account Number, Type of Member and so forth.

29. Quick Member 
System members quickly where username and password are generated directly by the computer itself. It is often used on front pay system because it is very well suited to use for users Multiplayer Game.

30. Client Status on Server 
The status of each client computer will become the direct display on computer servers in realtime such as duration, price, discount, account member, and the total price to be paid.

31. Charge Status on Client  
Status prices, ranging in duration, how many hours of usage, what time is the start, each count of how many minutes / seconds, how much total to be paid will appear on the client computer so that the user can decide when to finish (finish).

32. Member Account 
All member accounts can be disabled from the server so that member account can not be used again.

33. Update Member Accounts 
Do a search and update member account quickly and simply typed the name of the member ID.

34. Period Active Member 
The automatic member account can not be used when the validity period is up.

35. Remote Client
Computer Server can perform remote or view the application executed by each client PC so the server can monitor or control the use of the application by the PC Client.

36. Internet Blocking Off 
the facilities of Internet Explorer and Internet Options so that the proxy settings or other settings that can not be changed by the user There Dinamic2 Version Game On and DeskPro4.

37. Option Disable Windows Facilities Me off my Windows facilities, such as Vga Display Control Panel, Network Neighborhood, Windows registry, Windows Property, Home Run, DOS Command Prompt and others.

38. ON / Off Auto Print
If the printer is turned on then the automatic will print out on paper memorandum pint cashier.

39. Remote Kill 
Application Closing and lethal (Kill and Destroy) application (program) both internet and non-Internet of the PC client.

40. Multi Server / User
BillingExplorer program has the function of the Multi Server / User database file so that both member and reports can be used together. Warnet owners can place the PC-Game server for each location of the room. Each room has a counter (PC Operator), but between a PC with a PC-operator one can relate to other operators, so the data from each PC-operator can be interconnected.

41. Support Internet & Online Multiplayer Game
 All applications that run on both Server and Client PC, can run well.Internet applications such as browsers IE, Netscape, and other chat programs and applications Multiplayer Games such as Counter Strike, Nexia, Etc can run well.

42. Variation Fee System Group
With the cost of the system group / table, setting fees to be varied and flexible. Costs can also be configured with a minimum amount of time, both at 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or in-free content to suit your need. Each group system cost can also be set for each login and user per-user basis. There are also discounts for group system.

43. Report Data via the Web (Web-Base Edition)
Program Web-base BillingExplorer Edition Version Equipped With Facilities Report Database to Web. These data as User Name, Start Time, Duration, Total Cost of Each PC Client, Etc. Operator Name. will be sent to the Website. Owner Warnet - Multiplayer Game Can Monitor Database Direct Revenue Per-Hari/Bulan/Tahun well, from Other Locations outside the cafe.

44. No cause System # 
Crash The program has been tested BillingExplorer Try, Good On All Types of Windows and CPU machines to brand / type that is different, and does not cause the system to crash-hang-jammed.

45. Other facilities ...
 Still Many Other Facilities of the Program described BillingExplorer Which Had Not everything on the website, but for Mr. / Ms Yang Want to find programs for Billing System Warnet / Multiplayer Game, We recommend We recommend First Choice What to Do for the Do Billing Trial Must Not Stable and System Causing PC to crash-hang-jammed, if the application is run billing for a long time?.To try this program please ,download the installation files contained on this website.

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